During a visit to the netherlands we played a round of farmer's golf & we decided alberta needed its own course!

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RULES OF the game

Farmers Golf is a ball game from flag to flag, you will tee off from the green of the last hole played.
The ball of is launched in the direction of a hole marked with a red flag by hitting it using a Farmers Golf club (Klompen).
The hole consists of a bucket on its side. The aim of Farmers Golf is to put the ball into the bucket in as few strokes as possible. Our Bovine Bogey, Farmers Golf course has 9 holes.

• A team consists of up to 6 people.

• Each player has their own ball and a Farmers Golf club (a golf stick with a clog)

• The game begins with a tee off, at the marked starting point.

• Follow the map and arrows and stay on the course.

• The ball furthest away from the hole will be played first.

• Players take turns in succession.

• When playing your ball please yell ‘Voor’ to warn other players of a stray shot.

• In the event of a hazard (cow poo, gopher hole, water hazard, ant hill, etc.) The ball may be moved the length of a club back into play, provided that the ball is not placed closer to the hole.

• We please ask that animals are respected and a 4 meter distance is maintained.

• A hole is made when the ball ends up in the bucket.

• When proceeding from a hole, the ball will be placed 2
meters on the green, in the direction of the next hole (flag).

• The number of strokes is recorded on the score sheet by players.

• The player with the least stroke’s win!

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